Dental Crown Services in Dallas, TX

Are you looking for the very best dental crowns in Dallas, TX? At Glow Dental & Orthodontics, we offer durable, beautiful dental crowns that are completely customized and fabricated from materials that are made to last!

Our office is equipped with fun amenities for all ages so that your whole family can feel comfortable in the dental chair. We even accept a wide range of dental insurance plans (including Medicaid) to help make your entire visit a stress-free one!

What Is A Tooth Crown?

woman smiling after receiving a dental crownA tooth crown, also known as a dental crown, is a custom restoration designed to fully cover teeth that have been damaged due to decay or injury. If you are scheduled for a dental surgery, like dental implant placement, or if you are in need of a root canal, our dentists will protect their work with a dental crown.

Each and every tooth crown is personalized to fit your unique needs. With custom-shaping and custom-shading, you can feel confident knowing that yours will fit your smile perfectly.

Dental crowns are designed to repair the tooth - from the inside out! We typically recommend dental crowns for teeth that have undergone the following types of trauma:

  • Large cracks or breaks
  • Widespread decay
  • Staining that cannot be eliminated with professional teeth whitening

If you are scheduled to undergo the following treatments, you will likely be offered a dental crown:

  • Dental Implants Surgery
  • Dental Bridge Placement
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Services
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Emergency Dentistry Services

How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost?

Your total tooth crown cost will heavily depend upon your dental insurance coverage. At Glow Dental & Orthodontics, we accept a wide range of insurance plans, including Medicaid. We also offer in-house cash discounts and financing plans through CareCredit®.

Call us today if you have questions about financing your dental crown cost!

Get Your Dental Crown At Glow Dental & Orthodontics Today!

We are here to give you the luminous, long-last tooth crown you deserve. We are also here to repair loose or cracked crowns, too. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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